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TWA museum reflects the proud history of Trans World Airlines. In 1930 Transcontinental Air Transport merged with Western Air Express, and TWA was born. This commercial airline operated from  1930-2001 and was defunct on December 1, 2001. 


As per ex-staff members, Carl Icahn, who took over TWA in 1985, is solely responsible for destroying the company. However, as per facts, TBW has gone through a bankruptcy, slip-ups, misfortunes, and poor leadership before 1985 too. These all factors shook up the economic growth of TWA airlines. 


The mission of well organized TWA museums is to educate the public by emphasizing the story, history, and the role TWA played in innovating commercial aviation. It is located at 10 Richards Rd #110, Kansas City, MO 64116 – in the TWA’s old headquarters. Based on the reviews, this super informative museum is ranked #33 of 143 things to do in Kansas City.


TWA’s Memorabilia, actual TWA items in the displays, uniforms, cool artifacts, brochures, schedules, pristine models, accessories, the work of flight attendants, historical articles to read, models of TWA planes, and excellent posters give insight into the TWA’s airline history of 70+ years. Moreover, the museum also dedicated a memorial room to TWA employees who lost in crashes, including flight 800. The nostalgic museum has its gift shop too.


Most of the guides are former TWA pilots and staff or those who have witnessed the golden age of airline. So, their stories, opinions, and detailed engaging explanation make the visit extremely interesting. Besides TWA’s history, the free flight simulator at the end makes it unique from other museums. Most of the aviation museums charge a fee for their quick sims, but it is not the case here.


TWA Museum is a must-to-visit place for those who want to explore in-depth the commercial airline history. The admission fee is $10 for adults and $7 for seniors and children (6-16 years old). However, admission is free for active military and children under five years. 


The museum remains closed on Sunday and Monday. For the other days it’s timings are 10 am – 4 pm. It takes around 3-4 hours to explore the museum thoroughly. Sometimes the administration does not open the museum because of the inclement weather in town. If you visit the Kansas City during winters, then call (816) 234-1011 to ensure if the museum is open or not. 


After you finish here you can take your dog to the Waggin-Trail Dog Park!


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