Penguin Park – Kansas City

Historical Backdrop

Widely known as “Penguin Park” for years, the corner of Lakewood Greenway Park was officially renamed to an existing name on December 1998.

Penguin Park at Kansas City is a visual wonderland for its viewers. Its landscape of green foliage makes you think whether are you in a fictitious place or a mythical Disneyland.

The park is located right in the middle of the city up northland on Vivion road. It’s kind of hard to miss the sight of Penguin Park while driving there. Penguin Park when initiated as part of Lakewood Greenway, an area of 3.72 acres was acquired by the Parks Department in 1957 for its occupation.

Call of Penguin 

The obvious reason behind changing the name in 1998 from Lakewood Greenway Park to Penguin Park was a 25 foot-large iconic fiberglass penguin, which had installed there.

Where the Penguin Park comprises typical playground stuff like monkey bars, track, and swings, it also has a vast collection of unique fiberglass animals, including Giraffe, kangaroo, elephant, and a large penguin. The penguin was installed on the northern area of Lakewood Greenway and was a hit. From half a century, These well-crafted dummies of animals are examples of the excellent work of the great artisan and engineer Vernon Jones. Jones was also the Kansas City North Parks District veterinary supervisor. He created and built figures for Santa’s Wonderland in Gillham Park as well.

Here at Penguin Park, the gigantic bohemian penguin used to be a downfall slide that you could climb up inside and go down, and the Giraffe there used to have an elastic swing hanging from its neck. 

Over the years, modifications were made in order to ensure safety and structural integrity. But these changes haven’t impeded generations of people from enjoying the park’s creatures.

This park has become the cross-generational landmark for the community, said by the Director of Parks and Recreation department for Kansas city.

In addition to the mesmeric park inside, a convenient 1.88-mile Lakewood Greenway Trail encircles the area, perfect for those who want to walk at a leisurely pace.

The penguin park is the most becoming place to plan your child’s birthday party. Alongside the offering for toddlers, it also provides the best suitable location for a picnic. For this purpose, there is much amount of pavilion built there to provide shade and shelter for rainy seasons. 

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