Basement waterproofing

Waterproofing Solutions that will keep your home dry. Do not let moisture make your basement dark, damp, and scary! You can reclaim your basement living space.  We offer complete home structural services including Basement Waterproofing, Basement Repair, and Air Quality solutions that will fit your home improvement goals.

Basement foundations are naturally susceptible to seepage

Even small cracks or leaks in basement foundations can cause structural damage and moisture problems. The more you delay in addressing the problem, the worse it will usually get.

There are several areas that should be concerned when it comes to moisture problems in basement foundation homes:

  • Water intrusion through spaces between the footer floor and the poured basement floor
  • Cracks in basement floors that allow water to seep through
  • Cracks in basement mortar joints or pressure that allows water to seep through 
  • The basement can be flooded with water through windows or sweating walls.
  • Basements with tilted or bowed walls are more susceptible to water intrusion
  • Subsurface water can cause structural damage if it is not visible from the foundation.
  • Basement walls can develop cracks that worsen over time as the clay soils supporting them expand and contract. 


Water will always seek the path of least resistance so it is important to repair structural damage in your basement as soon as possible.


There are two great ways to waterproof your basement

What does basement waterproofing mean? The answer is up to you!

Waterproofing can be described as any type of repair that prevents water from entering the basement. There are two options available depending on the extent of foundation problems and your home improvement goals. 

Interior Waterproofing

This method waterproofs your basement. The basement is allowed to leak, then water is controlled. This method requires a concrete breakout and a sump pump. It also allows for a quicker installation.

  • Include drainage systems installed in the basement. 
  • Concrete breakout is required for waterproofing your home’s interior unless you have a monolithic foundation slab (rare). 
  • A sump pump system will most likely be installed in most cases. 
  • Exterior Waterproofing takes less time to install than Exterior Waterproofing.
  • Sometimes, interior wall waterproofing can be recommended.
  • Interior waterproofing lets water in your basement and then manages it. 
  • This repair is simple to do

 Exterior Waterproofing 

This is a method to waterproof your basement from the outside. This is a method to stop water from entering your basement. This requires excavation of basement walls and an exterior moisture barrier. It is a great way of waterproofing a basement that is regularly used, even though it isn’t done inside the house

  • Outside work is done without causing any disruption to your basement’s interior
  • While a sump-pump system may be recommended from time to time, it is not always necessary.
  • Interior waterproofing takes longer to install than interior waterproofing. 
  • Serviceable 
  • Exterior wall waterproofing includes moisture barrier, dimple board, and drainage 


Interior Waterproofing vs Exterior Waterproofing. Which is the best method for me?

Both are extremely effective. Our Certified Structure Technician will inspect your basement and determine the best solution. We have the latest technology at our disposal. We can fix basements of any size and type, without compromising on budget.

Modern basement solutions are superior to old, outdated products.

Basement waterproofing is not enough

Water seepage and leaks that start in your basement can cause structural damage and indoor air quality problems throughout your home. It is important to address the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. Our basement repair plans include more than just Water Management. We are experts in foundation repair

Our unique approach focuses on the three key areas that can affect your home. 

  •  Structural Repair
  • Water Management 
  •  Air Quality 

Many of our Basement Waterproofing Repair Plans also include Exterior Water Management and Structural Repair.

We have not become the trusted name in Foundation Repair & Waterproofing overnight. Over the past ten years, we have gained a lot of experience. Let that experience work for you.Protect your home. Get your FREE Inspection today.

Five ways water can enter your home

Water will always follow the path or paths of least resistance. It can get into your home through cracks and gaps in walls, and even under and above the footer. It is crucial to fix the problem in several areas once the water has gotten into your basement.

  • Through Floor Cracks
  • Starting below the Footer
  • From Window Sills and Bleeding Walls to Sweating Walls
  • The Footer

Five ways water can enter your home

  • Floor Cracks: Sometimes, excess water under your basement floor may create pressure. This can cause water to seep through cracks onto your basement floor
  • Under the Footer: Some common construction methods leave a little space between the footer of the basement floor and the concrete. Water that is too much under the structure can cause pressure, causing water to seep through small cracks and eventually into your basement.
  • From Bleeding & Sweating Walls and Window Sills: Too much moisture can cause block walls to “sweat” which causes water to pool within. Excess moisture from window wells can seep into your basement.
  • Through Cracks In Walls and Mortar Joints, A high level of moisture in the soil can create “hydrostatic pressure”, which allows water to seep into your living space. Block walls can allow water to seep in through cracks and mortar joints. This can cause mildew, deposits, and other problems.
  • Above the Footer: Water can seep in between the footer of the wall and the wall that sits on it. This can cause damage to your home’s interior or make the basement unusable for storage, recreation, or other purposes.

If these problems are not addressed, they will get worse. Water intrusion management solutions that address the problems are the best way to stop water leakage permanently.

If water gets in, it can cause even more problems

  • Loss of valuable living spaces
  • Settlement and structural foundation damage
  • Hydrostatic pressure can cause structural foundation damage
  • Foundation stability at risk
  • Basement walls may bow, crack or compress.
  • Allergies and mold
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Electrical dangers
  • Furnace and appliance damage

The State of the Art Waterproofing Technology

Basements are kept dry with our new system. This allows you to save valuable square footage and make it available for storage or use as a living space.

  • Only Dual Channel System 
  • Special Geotech Fabric Available for Upper Channel 
  • Multiple entries points to the Open Channel 
  • Cast Iron Pumps – 3,800 per Hour 

Two channels are used by the System to detect and remove water intrusion into your home. One channel has a special Geotech fabric, the other an open channel. This combination combines the best of both waterproofing systems.

System benefits

  • This system offers more points of entry than other systems for capturing more water.
  • This system is clog-resistant thanks to the geocomposite fabric.
  • The System is located on top of the footer, away from dirt or gravel. 
  • Concrete breakout required only 6-8 inches wide 
  • The pipe is strong and resists crushing. 
  • It can be easily, customized to fit your home. 

To provide waterproof basement repair, this system can be combined with Exterior Water Management. This will give you complete water protection.

Wall Shield improves the system by providing additional moisture defense and Sump Pumps assist in removing intrusive basement waters from the foundation.

We Have a “Lock” on It.

 We are the only company that can offer both our decades-long experience and superior technology. This is the best water intrusion solution.

Benefits and key features

Dual System, This is a dual-pipe system. The Geotech pipe acts as a filter and the outer pipe as a conduit for water, creating a clog-free system.

Custom Fit: The plus pipe can be customized to your basement’s dimensions without the need to segment long walls.

Structurally sound: This system is usually required a 6′-8′ concrete breakout, leaving the footer intact. To keep it clean, the System is placed on top.

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Installation Process

Our waterproofing work is done by an experienced and skilled crew. It’s fast, easy, and safe. It’s completed on time. This is how we make your life easier at home.


We first break down the concrete and then remove all debris. In most cases, the breakout is between 6-and 8 inches in diameter. The footer is then reached.

2. Drilling

Weep holes will be drilled into block walls next. This allows water to drain from the wall System through the voids.

3. Protection

You can add a finishing touch to your basement with the optional Wall Shield.

4. Installation of the system

The dual chamber is installed next. The core is high-flow and provides long-term performance.

5. Installation of the Sump Pump or Gravity Drill

If necessary, your technician will install a gravity drain or sump pump. The sump pump lid should be flush with the floor. To ensure maximum performance, we recommend that you have a backup battery system.

6. Replace Concrete

After the installation is complete, the concrete will be replaced. We’ll then clean up.

In most cases, the entire process takes less than two days.  

Warranty Program

Every System installation comes with a Maintenance Program. It is free from all the fine print, exceptions, exclusions, legal jargon, what-ifs, and confusing legal jargon.

Our Straightforward, Simple Maintenance Program

Our company or an authorized dealer will repair the leak if water seeps through the perimeter water control system or wall-floor joint.

The program is open to all future owners, provided that no structural changes have been made. It only applies to areas where the system has been installed.