House Leveling and Piering in Kansas City Missouri

Sticking doors and creaking floors may be signs of settling in your foundation or other structural issues, and you need your house leveling and piering systems.

Depending on the type of your foundation you have, and the specific issues that your foundation is experiencing, there are several types of repair options.

Different foundation issues require different repairs to stop the settlement

Kansas City also has several different parts of the city that have soils that are also more susceptible to settling such as Johnson County, KS, Parkville, MO, and Lee’s Summit, MO.

  • Settling of Beam Support Posts
    One very common issue that occurs of homes in the 50-70 year old range. The basement posts, that support your center support beam of the house, are connected to the basement floor slab. When those basement floor slabs settle or move up and down from expansion and contractor of soils, we can isolate those footings to stop that movement causing cracks and sticking doors.
  • The Replacement of Rotten Wood
    Sometimes due to water infiltration around the perimeter of the house, this can cause rotting in the floor joists and sill plates around perimeter. Or when grading is set too high, this can cause rotting in the exterior wood framing. When this occurs, as the wood rots, this can cause the wall to settle.
  • Jacking and Shimming
    This is really only a temporary fix when other repairs are being needed.
  • Reduce the Potential for Future Settling
    Leveling a house will not be a permanent solution unless the house is properly maintained. Once the slab has been repaired, care should be taken to keep standing water and components of the irrigation system away from the home. When the ground under the home becomes saturated, this will make it more likely to shift and can cause the house to become structurally unstable.


The most common settlement occurs on the perimeter foundation walls of your home, being that these walls typically have the largest drainage issues.

That being said, the ONLY permanent solution to settlement of foundation walls is called piering. . .

Piering is the process of driving steel rods 3 inches in diameter into the earth 20+ feet until you hit low level strata or “bedrock” that will support the weight of the home without being susceptible to fluctuations of the weather and soil. soil.

house level and piering

Smart Foundation Systems only uses the finest house level and piering methods and products available on the market. . .

The Stratos Pier. The Stratos Pier is an engineer-approved pier product that comes with a DOUBLE LIFETIME WARRANTY. If the pier fails, Smart Foundation Systems backs in with our lifetime warranty, and if we don’t fix it, Stratos Pier, LLC will hire someone to repair it.

So . . . #doitonce #doitright

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