Crack Foundation Repair in Kansas City Missouri

Crack Foundation repair is definitely the most common type of foundation repair and basement waterproofing performing by companies . . .

HOWEVER, most companies perform crack repair because they think it is easy. This is the #1 way that customers receive faulty installation.

We have evaluated all the mainstream repair methods:

  1. Surface Epoxy
  2. Surface Polyurethane
  3. Injected Epoxy
  4. Injected Polyurethane
  5. Carbon Fiber 6” crack repair
  6. Carbon Fiber 12” crack repair
  7. Carbon Fiber Staples

Want to know how many of these methods BY THEMSELVES give you a structural bonded and waterproofed crack?


All of these methods only accomplish nothing, or at MOST 1 of 2: Foundation Repair OR Waterproofing.

So our question was how to get the BEST of BOTH WORLDS?

We developed the Ever-Seal™ System.

Step 1 Ever-Seal™ System:

Polyurethane injection (This WATERPROOFS THE WALL ALL THE WAY) From inside to the outside of the wall.

urethane foundation crack repair

Step 2 Ever-Seal™ System:

Carbon Fiber Embedded With Engineered Highway Bridge-Repair Grade Product. This is the structural bond that offers an excess of 600,000 lbs. pressure of strength to your wall. More than 500 times what your wall needs. 

carbon fiber foundation crack repair

Ever-Seal™ System (Crack Foundation Repair) Fully Installed

This is the ONLY system on the market that we know of to completely WATERPROOF and STRUCTURALLY bond the cracks.

#doitright #doitonce

Many times bracing is needed to stop the wall from continuing to cause cracks, you can learn about that here:

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