Basement Waterproofing in Kansas City Missouri

Leaking basement? Cracks, flooding, leaking walls or floors? Window wells flooding, or water flowing over the top of the wall. These are some of many symptoms that can occur during the process of basement waterproofing.

Because of this fact, we typically take a 3-pronged approach to basement waterproofing after we have diagnosed the exact systems your home is experiencing.

Approach #1 – We call this our “Mechanic’s Approach”

Whenever you take your car to the mechanic, it is typically for one or a few issues, correct?

You have a grinding noise, the car is starting right, or maybe your brakes are going out. . .

Simple enough.

When you arrive the mechanic will look at the symptoms, diagnose the remedy for that THAT ONE SPECIFIC ISSUE. You receive a price, and you are on your way. . .

However, if you get your brakes fixed, and your ignition isn’t working right, that is definitely not covered in the warranty of the mechanic. The only thing that is covered is the breaks, right?

So this is exactly the same for us. If you have a crack in your wall, we can address that crack with the mechanic’s approach, 100% lifetime waterproofing warranty on the crack, it will never leak or open up again. 

However, if you then get water coming under the wall, that is a separate issue. . .

That leads us to . . .

Approach #2 – Smart-Dry™ System (Interior Basement Waterproofing)

With this system, this is more of a “catch-all system” that can collect water from several different sources (under the wall, through the wall, and ground water).

Here is an example of what the system can look like installed and how it would function.

interior basement waterproofing

There are many instances such as block or stacked stone walls, that once they start leaking, there is no sure-fire way to get them to stop leaking without . . .

 1. Completely excavating the exterior of the foundation sealing, draining, and waterproofing (more on this later.) or

2. You can use a Smart-Dry System or similar interior drain tile system.

Approach #3 – Drain-Plus™ System (Exterior Foundation Waterproofing)

So when do you know if your Basement Waterproofing needs a mechanic’s approach, a Smart-Dry System, or a full Drain-Plus System?

Does you wall need to be pushed back into place . . ?

Do you need a full demo and replace . . ?

Do you have leaking under, over, or through the wall, or filling window wells? Then this system is for you. . .

Here is a quick picture outlining how this system works.

Here we are installing it on our Facebook video.

exterior foundation waterproofing


  • We are excavating the entire exterior of the wall,
  • Installing a new HARD PIPE drainage system.
  • We then wrap the system in a dirt-filtering fabric,
  • and backfill with a large gravel. . .

This allows proper DRAINAGE.

85% of foundation issues occur from POOR DRAINAGE.

This truly is our “CATCH-ALL” for waterproofing needs.

With this system you will never have to worry about:

  • Pressure cracking your wall
  • Water under the wall
  • Water over the wall
  • Water flooding window wells
  • Or water coming in through penetrations or previous cracks

Sleep easy. #doitright #doitonce

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