Foundation Wall Bracing and Wall Bowing

Whenever you have expansive soils such as clay soils (very abundant in Kansas / Missouri area), and you have poor drainage around your house, you may need foundation wall bracing . . .

These soils press on the foundation walls, cracking the walls, and bowing them. . .

Sometimes, if left unchecked, the damage can be so severe that the wall must be excavated and pushed back out or replaced completely.

However, if basic bracing is needed, there are some great cost-effective options available.

We offer 4 different options for foundation wall bracing depending on needs and preferences:

  • Standard Steel Beam Bracing (S4x7.7)
  • XL Steel Beam Bracing (W4x13)
  • Steel Soil Plate and Deadmen Anchor Plates
  • Carbon Fiber Wall-Lock™ System (Video)

XL Steel Beam Brace with Carbon Fiber Crack Repair

XL steel foundation wall bracing

Wall-Lock System™

wall-lock™ foundation wall bracing

Soil Plate and Concrete Deadmen Anchor Plates

Inside of Wall Anchor Plates

Each different foundation wall bracing option is used in specific circumstances. . .

  • Is it a walk-out basement? Or Split level house?
  • Do you have a horizontal crack?
  • It is diagonal cracking?
  • Will this be a finished space or a unfinished space?
  • Is this a crawl space or a concrete foundation?
  • Is this a block wall?

Each one of these questions helps us narrow down the exact remedy needed to offer you a STRUCTURAL LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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